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by Black Matter Device

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recordhead_25 This album feels like something. Idk what but it's certainly something Favorite track: Jay Dino Dies.
Previously, on....
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Previously, on.... More grinds, more blasting, more zany guitars. This release sees BMD at their finest. Good sound quality. This is their best work yet! FFO "angular guitars", yelling
Darknight thumbnail
Darknight Absolutely love this album, it's just bonkers and the song titles are bonkers too. The anticipation was so high for Autonomous Weapons, I couldn't wait for this to drop and it just blew my ears off from my head. Everything just sounds like razor sharp, chainsaw guitars and vocals full of spite just to show you how great Black Matter Device are, long live this mental band😆🤘 Favorite track: Dungeons and Drug Dealers.
Barnie Mac
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Barnie Mac Highly anticipated. For fans of any old school sick genre bending grind/punk bands. You know who you are. Favorite track: Sewer Slide Pact.
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Emi thank you tony balls Favorite track: Dungeons and Drug Dealers.
Daniel Currie
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Daniel Currie I’m glad this came out just now so I wouldn’t have to use up my Napple supply. I want this in my drawers. Favorite track: Gender Mountain.
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(Time) When the clock strikes nine, (Fear) You’ll have fled the scene. (Home) No where to reside. (Tired) You’ll remain confined. Time, the enemy of time. Time, the enemy of a broken man. Time, the enemy of happiness. Time, the only thing on your side.
Death is truly terrifying and I wanna see what awaits. Fuck the future, manic suture, dead suitor, reamed from a head concave. Desperation redefined, Nothing to take the pain away. I’d rather rot away, The stakes are fucking high, you’re tapping away on your desk, A refusal to deny. You’re my fucking enemy, A cretin to self dispose, soul sucking fucking cut, Fall on my fucking dagger. Peel my skin back so my heart’s exposed, Pierce my chest so I can clear my lungs. I’m disgusting and I can see it in your eyes. I’m repulsed and I can feel it in my bones. Tear me open. You’re just another pitied face. A fearless fucking rat. How much to stomp your fate? You coward.
The self must be destroyed before it can be rebuilt, My future self will know what I mean. I’ll know what I mean. Meat computers reprogrammed in defeat.
Ultimate power lies in belief. We must destroy it. The price on death, a parasite. A testament to the failure of all things. I’m less lonely in my sleep, chasing a nonstop feeling. Give me some grief, I’m pacing endlessly into something grueling. Force fed lethal farce, No end in sight, My hope is fleeting. No life, no drive, Your feet are bloody and it’s not fucking worth it. Compost humans born to be mild, You’ll never amount to anything if you don’t step up to the plate. Strip away your everything, And if you don’t like what you see then you’re shit out of luck, Born to be a pacifist, But I’ll gladly pass my fist, A shooting star to crash and burn, A bloody fury, fearless hell storm, Endless crusade to devour this repulsive fucking system. I can’t wait to see the splatter from your face.
Hang yourself from the trees you grew, Love will kill us. No one will remember you. I am your enemy. Loss of life is key. Throw away sentiment. Cut your losses, A negative shift. I will grapple with death to show that I’m the stronger one. Death is bliss. Whatever it could have been is better than this. I feel like I’m hibernating, I can’t leave this room. I’ve been pacing for days on this, Attached to this forever box. Caught between a fever dream, I’m watching the world around me. Nightmarish bliss. You’ve programmed me to be useless. The fury of inconvenience. What I need doesn’t exist. I never had good intentions. I will grapple with death to show that I’m the stronger one. Death is bliss. Whatever it could have been is better than this. Death is bliss.
It’s just a hole, A ravenous hole, And it’s always empty. It’s just a pit, A decaying grip, I just wanna feel something. It’s fucked. So fucked. I’m fucked. I’m fine. I just wanna believe in something. Ugh. I don’t wanna go home. These efforts are fruitless. These roots bury burdens deep inside. So go ahead and close that door. We’re all decaying in a hole. Bury burdens. I’m hurting when I’m alive.
You’re dead to me, The debt is paid. There’s no escape, An oath in blood. I find truth in unhappiness, Dissect your broken faith and reveal your fate. At the end of your rope you quell. I’ve left everything else behind me. Crushed beneath the boot, There’s nothing left to tell. Lethal at needlepoint, Harmless like a flower, Just one taste is all it takes, To needlessly devour.
Tear at the seams, I know it’s so tough. Between the boundaries, You’re crossing wires. I’m not your accessory. I don’t wanna be someone, I don’t wanna be nothing, I don’t wanna feel something, Its overrated. I know how it feels, It’s not fucking good. Raise hell. Your life is a fucking joke.
The world must be destroyed before it can be beautiful. The weight of this mutual discontent is washing over me. I don't know how much more I can fucking take. Subvert all expectations leave your conscience bleeding through. I don't know how much more I can take. I am at the helm of several sinking ships. You exist to spite me, I'm sorry I'm not your perfection. Fuck compliance, I'm not here for your dissection. Sever their heads, Let the city run wet. They say it's malignant. But we've already bled.
Coffin Flops 02:43
I’m counting my days until my last. The hands on the clock, The longer you look the longer they stop. Total separation from self, The past, future and the here and now collapse into nothing new. I bet it looks great, but I can’t appreciate this dead space, a restrictive fluke. How many lives lost to trivial things? Something will feel good eventually. Total separation inside of me.
I long to walk but this doesn’t end well for me. There is a stern difference perhaps buried under waves. But until they come crashing, It’s going to be a long way down. There is no liberation from the ego. The meek remain targets, I’m eager. Take a few steps back because I can feel it. Only a while longer to inherit the decent.
Accept this violence as a means to an end. I’m on the verge of losing control. Simulated mental car crash, A pipe dream bomb speaks louder. Modified brain, Decreasing benevolence. I’ve made peace with evil, All you do is take from me. I can see through you. Show me who you think you are. All you do is take. There’s no point to this.
Those who suffer pay your toll. Snakes in leather, Flesh disguise. No imagination, These ties will suffocate me. Humanity is grating. Snuff out the culprit. Incandescent not for breathing, Fuel yourself to take this beating. I refuse to take this stalemate. Smash your skull and let me eat it. Exit life. Glory is insipid.
There’s a better life waiting out there for all of us. Those who seek sacrifice to a void of glass. Exit this flesh prison to gain light, Precipice to another mind. Divine sacrifice. Endless possession of the bright, Casualty to the newly aligned. The ripe will be dined. Re-divided, redefined. Given sight, Take it away.


"It's A LOT to take in; dizzying, disorienting, discordant, and the best headache you've ever had." BrooklynVegan.com

“AUTONOMOUS WEAPONS is everything. It’s a love letter to mathcore executed to near-perfection. The only thing missing from the mathcore box of tricks is the abuse of a DigiTech whammy pedal, but this record doesn’t even need it, as evidenced by the mind-bending breakdown that brings the album to a close. It’s one of the year’s best so far in this corner of music, and possibly an important tentpole for the ongoing renaissance of mathcore.” HeavyBlogIsHeavy.com

"On Autonomous Weapons, the band throws a variety of The Dillinger Escape Plan and Daughters stylings into a grinder, the resulting monstrosity is pretty astounding – but it’s even greater than the sum of it’s parts. In the end, the brilliantly chaotic record establishes that the band can forge their way ahead independently, without relying too much on any particular influence. It’s exactly with the doctor ordered, even if inspires the occasional heart attack." FeckingBahamas.com

"They say 'Fuck it,' and write music that they know is heavy, rather than writing music that panders to the aesthetics of the past. They remove themselves from the minds of their audience. The audience may as well not exist when it comes to creative, personal material. This album doesn’t need to straighten its hair. It doesn’t need to be attractive or skinny. This album doesn’t need to dress a certain way; it doesn’t need to fit in or check certain boxes. As I listen to it, I’ve found myself wondering 'What other bands sound like this?' Then it really clicked. That question is irrelevant because it sounds exactly like Black Matter Device—powerful, passionate, and smart. Just look at the album art: a collage of organs, wires, tentacles, and psychedelic, abstract painting. It illustrates the control of chaos. The sporadic turned concise. The invisible connections between concepts and subjects are made visible. The celebration of the absurd. That is what I hear when I listen to Autonomous Weapons. From their Bandcamp: '…we’ve put our blood, sweat, tears and piss into this record, and we hope that you’ll get as much out of it as we’ve put into it.' That sentiment is absolutely felt in every single track. This album is a party, and you are invited. Mission fucking complete. The bar for 2022 is set high. Buy it." CanThisEvenBeCalledMusic.com

"Autonomous Weapons manages despite everything to maintain a fun and catchy aspect behind its uninhibited violence." EklektikRock.com

"Yet for all of the influences that they proudly display, Black Matter Device stands head-and-shoulders above most in the genre. BMD displays a prowess for songwriting that most hardcore bands lack entirely. Every song on this album is an absolute banger and I will refuse to ever pick a singular favorite. The whole thing is my favorite." TechnicalMusicReview.com


released April 22, 2022

Conceptualized in the Fall of 2019, We embarked the journey of creating the elusive BMD 3, although some tracks predate even this. In March of 2020, everything became uncertain amidst the brink of a global pandemic and the constantly shifting world around us. Through several years of emotional, physical, and mental endurance, we come to you bearing this offering. This is not something we've taken lightly, and we've put our blood, sweat, tears and piss into this record, and we hope that you'll get as much out of it as we've put into it. Thank you for listening. We love you and will continue to love you for many years to come. We'll see you soon.


Michael Toney - Vocals/Guitars/Noise
Colton Armer- Bass/Vocals/Trumpet
Roman Rodriguez - Drums
Kyle Wilson - Guitars
Bryan Kern - Noise/???
Michael Hollinger - Guitars/Machines

Bryan Kern - Collaging
Colton Armer - Painting
Michael Toney - Compositing

Recorded by Aberration Penchant & Black Matter Device


“Sewer Slide Pact” music video:


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Black Matter Device Richmond, Virginia

Dissonance from Richmond, Virginia.

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Current Lineup:
Michael Toney -Vocals / Guitars / Saxophone / Noise

Kyle Wilson - Guitars

Colton Armer - Bass / Vocals / Trumpet

Roman Rodriguez - Drums

Bryan Kern - ???

Michael Hollinger - Guitars / Machines
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