Hostile Architecture

by Black Matter Device

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aganagapao thumbnail
aganagapao I was wearing socks before I listened to this album - now where the hell did they go.. Favorite track: Jesus Christ Alarm Clock.
Steph “Heelzebub” Barnes
Steph “Heelzebub” Barnes  thumbnail
Steph “Heelzebub” Barnes bits of early daughters meets some bits of early slipknot and bits of Dillinger escape plan. Electronic hints of locust. Enjoyed.
Emily thumbnail
Emily now that the dillinger escape plan is no more, i feel it's time for a new mathcore band to rise to the top, and what better band than these absolute madlads? Favorite track: The Great Pyramid Scheme Of Giza.
warren barton
warren barton thumbnail
warren barton I liked Modern Frenetics, I like this even more! It's futuristic hardcore maxed to the limit that after repeated listens it blasted my head off into the metal stratosphere. Applaud Black Matter Device NOW! Favorite track: Energy Efficient Gay Emissions.
flightoficarus (Metal Trenches)
flightoficarus (Metal Trenches) thumbnail
flightoficarus (Metal Trenches) Over the course of just a few minutes time, Black Matter Device deliver all of the goods from in your face metallic riffs a la Vein to more technically-inclined mathcore. "Hell Is Other People" sounds like a straight-up B side from Calculating Infinity while the electronic guitar effects of "Hurricane Pornography" would be right at home on a Frontierer album.
- Favorite track: Hurricane Pornography.
AuraofConfusion thumbnail
AuraofConfusion True to its name, this album made my house start doing spin kicks and windmills and it told me to meet it in the pit. Overall, a very positive experience. Favorite track: Stoppable Force Meets Moveable Object.
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You are the teeth that bruise me. You are the harpy that won’t feel. You’re the cancer that bleeds me. You will teethe if it must be. I won’t drag on as if it were nothing, All this experience, it must be worth something. Let’s talk about love as if it ain’t a dumb thing, I grow tired of chatter as I am no longer breathing.
I carry this incompetent disease, But i’d rather bury the trivial obscene. Cut loose the rats, And empty your sacks on the loose gravel below. Lose inhibitions and grab yourself a stranglehold on every and anything. You forget all that you know, In a fiery violence and lust for gold, You sink your teeth into the teat. Oh it feels so good. Just let it out. Take it out on me.
While those who stay jaded think they know the fucking way, I’ll stay lucid on treacherous waters mind clear as fucking day. Hit this rail. Fuck this life. Some may call me god, Well it’s nice to meet you. Some may call me a fraud, Well here’s a place to bury them. I can see the light it flaunts, attacks you. Imagine everything you lack attract you. So please do not let this light deceive you. Because no one will ever believe you.
I can't sleep, I can't eat, I can't feast until they seethe to feed. Flesh and bone, Blood and wine, Starve your child until they crave to die. Why can't you see that this is all your fault? why can't you see? why can't you see that this is why you're born alone? you see, this grave you dig is not your own, By grace and stone, they lie asleep and bound alone. Maker meets me in the manger. So tell me why was I made to die? what's the point when death won't be met with stranger? Please tell me why do we cry? It's these thoughts that lead to danger. From concept to consciousness we're born alone in a world full of vampires. So drain the blood while we're young. This grave you dig is not your own, By grace and stone, they lie asleep and bound alone.
A year since the peak, You emerge from the sea. The gift that keeps giving, A trivial disease. I can’t keep living in this world you plague, and I decree: These voices keep following me in wake of the meek. So remove yourself, or drive the knife deeper and take a closer peek. Above or beneath. It’ll all be over soon, take a seat and enjoy this scene that you’ve painted, hell we’ll drag it to the streets. I’m sick of seeing your fucking face. I close my eyes to which you grate. You don’t deserve happiness. Consider this restraint.
The silence speaks and I don’t wanna hear nothing else, just cut it off. And I’m drowning in the inevitable, God please just shut your fucking mouth. Let us end this. Suffocate this “infallible” means, Just choke it out with humorous ease. Give me bliss. Let us end this. suffocate this. Give me fucking bliss.
If you could see the motion, It’s half past too god damn late to be wandering this road. If I could see the ocean, I couldn’t give a fuck if it spoke to me. I can see the trails pouring from the base of my neck. There it lies, protruding from my head. Love trails, Love sells. If I could put an ocean between us, If I could move mountains to screen us. I don’t get the fuss of the modern stem. If only I could suss out the problems that house them. So I’ll just drag my body across another day. I’ll scratch my nails and grit my teeth along the way. I could put an ocean between us, I could move mountains to scream this.


raw east coast poseur fkn violence, bby


released February 22, 2019

Michael Anastasios Toney - Vocals/Guitars
Colton Armer - Bass
Roman Rodriguez - Drums
Joey Woodard - Guitars


all rights reserved



Black Matter Device Richmond, Virginia

angry bois w/angry nois!

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Current Lineup:
Michael Toney -Vocals/Guitar

Colton Armer - Bass

Roman Rodriguez - Drums
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